Citation Sound-1

Pre-Amplifier: CS-1
MC-ONE Step-Up Transformer

MC-One Transformer
Citation Sound-2

Mono Block Amp: CS-2
Cayin 880 Selection

Power Amplifier: 880 Selection

Integrated Amp: A-55TP
Cayin 688-R

Integrated Amplfier: Cayin 688-R
Line Amplfier: Cayin iDAC-1

Line Amplfier: iDAC-1
Power Amplifier Cayin SP-40M

Power Amplifier Cayin SP-40M
Pre Amplifier Cayin SP-30S

Pre Amplifier Cayin SP-30S
CD-Player SP-CD300

CD-Player Cayin SP-CD300
Integrated Amplifier SP-10A

Integrated Amplifier SP-10A
HA-1A Headphone Amp

Headphone Amp: HA-1A
A-50T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-50T
A-70T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-70T
A-88T Integrated AMP

Integrated AMP: A-88T
A-100T Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: A-100T
H-80A Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: H-80A
S-200 Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: S-200
300B Integrated Amp

Integrated Amp: 300B
SC-5LS Pre-Amplifier

Pre-Amplifier: SC-5LS
Phono-One Pre-Amplifier

Pre-Amplifier: Phono-One
860 Mono Block Amp / Pair

Mono Block Amp: 860
9088D Mono Block Amp

Mono Block Amp: 9088D
CD-50T Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CD-50T
CDT-23 Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CDT-23
CDT-17A Tube CD Player

Tube CD Player: CDT-17A

V Series: V2M

V Series: V3M

V Series: V6F

V Series: V8F

V Series: V4C

AURUM CANTUS - Grand Supreme

Grand Supreme
TFW-7D Speaker Stand

Anti-Vibration Magic

Anti-Vibration Magic

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"鈥here were a variety of interesting and outstanding Cayin products in the room including the A-88T Integrated amplifier, the 265AI 40 Watt Class A integrated, the SC 10 Super pre-amp and VAS Citation 2 mono-bloc amplifiers. These products offer great sound at unbelievably affordable prices, while the Citation 2 monos take retro-cred to new levels of audiophile drool-worthiness. They looked great -they sounded even better. Meanwhile, an after-hours outing with the A-88T integrated, teamed with an Electrocompaniet CD player driving the Eben-X2s in the Nordost room reached the assembled group of vinyl die-hards to stunned silence ,and in some cases, tears. Look for some really exciting products from Cayin and VAS, representing stunning value for the audiophile. The best of vintage sound combined with modern construction and componentry..."- Richard Foster, Hi-Fi+, Issue 42



"The Cayin A-50T is the best low-price amp I have ever heard, and it rivals some of the best amps in any price range." - Harry Weisfeld, owner of VPI Industries


"It's not even broken in, but it outperforms everything I have here. The minute I plugged this in, I knew I had something different because I started hearing layering from front to back. I don't know how they do it for $1,900, but I'm sure glad I bought this. The other thing is you don't have to set the bias. This thing here is self-biasing. I put it on the Red Rose speakers I bought from you guys, and they were tremendous. I put it on the Harbeths, they were amazing. Then I put it on the Maggies, and they again were tremendous. You know how with vocals, a lot of times it just sounds like a head suspended in between the speakers? With this thing, it sounds like the whole body standing there. You've got a hell of a product there. It's a steal. You couldn't build that in the states for less than $3,000. I went on Clark's say-so, and his word is as good as gold." - Richard Ponzi, Niagara Falls, New York  Cayin A-88T/KT 88


"If this amp didn't have you reaching for the tissues with bucket loads of emotion, I do not know what will.  All the attributes of valve amplification are revealed with this amp, the stage depth, the transparency, the bass and the presence of the preformers recreated in your room, all there for you to enjoy." - By Robert Smith in Audio Video & Lifestyle Magazine  Cayin A-88T

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